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Brewing a Brew Ha

As my journey in college finally nears the conclusion, it feels like I will finally have time to a new story. For two years I have been working on this story and the world where this story takes place. It began from a drawtober comic and now it is a fully fleshed world filled with characters.

I do not want to rush it and will continue to do more world-building so that the with Alse will have a fully built realm where her magic adventures will take place. The best thing is that I want this to be a webcomic and free for everyone to access. As an artist I know it is scary putting so much work and effort into a story to be put out there for free.

This is especially scary with the state of the world and lack of job security in my current fulltime job. However, hoping for the best and putting my all into this project so that in the end I can be proud of it.

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